Apadana Persian Gulf petrochemical Co.


Assalouyeh, Bushehr province, Iran

PKP Contract Duration

2014 - 2016


500M USD

PKP Scope:
Project Management Services, Time & Cost planning and control, Procurement supervision and monitoring, project coordination


Apadana petrochemical project was started with the goal of producing 1,650,000 tons of AA grade methanol annually. The licensor of the project is Casale Switzerland and its design and engineering is in charge of a consortium of KT Italy and PIDEC Iran.

The Projekaran team was established both at the central office and the project site to plan and control the engineering, procurement, and construction activities. We were also responsible for monitoring the contractors, as well as facilitating communication among all project stakeholders to ensure that the plans were achieved. Our team prepared various project progress reports, including status analysis, identification of bottlenecks, and strategies to compensate for delays. Additionally, we were in charge of preparing budget reports, developing cash flow, and controlling costs.